fleet II

Originally uploaded by jayfherron

This will be the last I get write….I have canceled my internet access because some how my line has mixed with anothers and very un-wanted things have happened!

My family and Carol will be overjoyed-they can relax and not have to worry that I’m teling you about them anymore-sad is it not…none of them can call (unless they need certain supplies) and say anything…ever?? !!
So such ends any form of communication they might have taken into consideration…surely they’ll all celebrate!

Thank you for those who read what I say…and those who join me in my efforts against the Veterans Administration.
I would continue-but for me to get into the nearest town to use a public library computer will not work,can’t afford the gasoline!

God Bless those who have lives!…and folks like Carol who have TV sets and live in that box!

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