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shiprock new mexico
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I found myself on the lonesome highway route number 666 through New Mexico and into Cortez – often.
The area is known as the ‘four corners’-the only place in the United States where four states meet each other.
That of course is ‘white man’ history…only becoming such after the surveyors marked it off.
To the True People of America it was home and knew no state lines.

Along the route-much of it as flat as far as the eye can see,you begin to see rising on the horizon this monumental shape. Flat,yet towering,but not a mountain.
The white men called it Shiprock,as it resembled a ship on the open sea….the True People of America called it Tse` Bit` A`i …the rock with wings.
It is supposed to represent the great bird that brought the True People of America to this place,but I have heard a legend that says the rock raised up from the ground to lift up the People and protect them from the threat of attack.
I am only a tourist of sorts-pieces of information that may only be slightly correct,but they are satisfactory to me…the ‘spiritual’ content of the meanings fits my ticket.
I was told once in a truck stop in Cortez that the True People of America believe Shiprock is the medicine pouch carried by the Goods of Value Mountain-a large mythical male figure comprising of several mountains.
Goods of Value.
An interesting name.

I have often seen the witness of God through birds. Ravens especially-knowing that the Raven is the first bird Noah set out from the ark. I know the Raven as a communicator…a definite symbol of Gods attention in my life,as the Raven brought meat to feed the prophet Elijah…so the Raven brings meat to me,although meat of a different kind.

I know of the Spirit in the Raven and how often when in a moment of desperation of trouble in my life and as I try to think it out and have no means of realizing the answer until a certain thought comes by…so does does the Raven,as if I was adrift on the sea that carried Noah and the Raven was sent to assure me.
It is a symbol that God has sent-in any of my thoughts where I am wishing my path has ended and my life on this earth is at its end,the Raven has been sent to guide me in to the Peace which is only God.
God saying that I must be patient and endure. Sometimes I wish I could ignore God…I hate this life so much,but know that I do not possess the property of ending it on my own …I must wait for the sight of the Raven that will lead me.

I would have been content living the life of the True People of America-the humble ways they lived,planting foods for survival…even in this unpleasant lands,they raised the foods and herbs and foraged for the native plants that were used for medicine-so I understand,at the base of the formation…living on its cliffs for protection.
I believe the lives of those People were peaceful…and much more than the life any of us know today-we are so caught into the content of plastic wonderment,and lazy from the fast canned goods of the superstore-chains.
It interests me that the True People of America refer to this as Goods of Value!
Goods of Value…such a meaningful statement coming from a civilization of peple that was able to live off of the land was given to them from the Spirits….the great bird that brought them there. No thought at all of how much gasoline costs-or the newest Ipod-ish gadgets game ability-or the cost of cable.

It is appropriate that the highway that cuts through this area is (was once called-now changed a few years ago for the same reason I mention) Route 666. The very name of the devil which was written about in the Bibles of the settlers that roamed into this area and thought they had come to the sea-seeing the ship on the horizon.
Over the time-really,not too long ago….the lands of the People were taken-the protection of the Rock with Wings was removed and the right to live off the land as they had known for generations was taken away-by law,the land now was ‘federal land’ and now protection comes from the Bureau of Land Management,or-the office of keeping the True People of America in bondage.
The amazing thing is-in exchange they received a casino!

There is a riddle in the Proverbs in the 30 chapter-the same Bible the settlers carried across the continent with them….it says there are “four things little among the earth”,but equally says these four things have “exceeding wisdom”-the ant,the conies,the locust and the spider.
Interesting that mankind is not mentioned as one with exceeding wisdom.
Proverbs 30:24-28

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2 Responses to “places of Peace…”

  1. Ani Says:

    Quote: “Sometimes I wish I could ignore God…I hate this life so much,but know that I do not possess the property of ending it on my own …I must wait for the sight of the Raven that will lead me.”

    I wish you wouldn’t feel this way ever. You’re a gift to us all silly.

    Love & Hope Sent,

    ~ Ani

  2. jayherron Says:

    Your comment is more valuable to me than money,Ani…thank you my friend,and teacher-as you have taught me much (computer too) and lifted up my day by just hearing from you!
    I will look unto the Lord,I will wait for the God of my Salvation:my God will hear me!
    Micah 7:7-9
    …until then!

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