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Outside my open doors the trees are filled with big black crows-which I like to believe are ravens…which I believe are truly a sign from God that all is well,it is just me that troubles myself.

Tomorrow I leave on a trip. The fun part…it’s on a train! I remember train rides from when I was a boy in the 1950’ is how we once traveled to visit my grandparents in both Washington DC and Pottstown PA.
But that was when I was a boy.
We had adventure then…
I have anxiety now.

I’m off to sell beer cans. Not mine-and the entire project is not really going to be worth doing…but it is the only immediate solution for a few dollars to ramble down the tracks on. You just feel better with an extra dollar or two.
No…the beer cans were an idea that grew-my one friend (for some reason) has kept them in boxes in a spare bedroom,he says it’s cleaner that way…and my other friend,the inspiration for the idea,offered me a huge sack of her soda cans!

I always get too stressed. Most likely,for nothing. But the entire thing about public bothers me…I am always afraid of some kind of altercation…even the mildest-and those that are innocent,such as the random joke-or in this case…someone just has to sit next to me.
It would seem that it would be worse on a plane.
I build myself up into a jumble-the plan of such…to travel.
Having to find something to tote my clothes in…surely the trash bag concept will not be acceptable-the rail road agent told me he’d be afraid it would be mixed up as trash and my stuff would be gone. So-I’m trying to figure out a solution for that.

I am unfortunately-afraid!
My son promises we will be going to a movie…I haven’t been in a movie theatre since the late 80’s. I hate the sound of breathing and coughing and the possibility of being sat in a spot in the center of all of that…I’m not sure if I can do that ‘thrill’.
The sound of the building is just enough,but adding the rest…
The sounds bring me to deja vu of barrack D.

I’m not really with it for saying anything…it will be okay-the train will be a blast,and I am sure there are other ideas to adapt to instead of going too a theatre.
I’m never ready until the last minute…and that is just about here!

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