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Corey Micah-my grandson

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A shade away from my usual topics…and a certain change in lifestyle!
My oldest son has just entered surgery-an eight hour ordeal under the knife! He was born with an odd over bite,or…could be it is considered a ‘jut jaw’. The way his mouth has been shaped has cause him great problems with chewing properly-we all hear that we need to chew correctly,but with him it has always been a problem.
From what he has told me-the surgeons are going to break both jaws-remove parts of one and spread out his upper mouth section and the other they are going to use to do something with his chin. This work actually began six to eight months ago where he had to actually break his own jaw (already) by turning a device they attached to his upper pallet-and every 45 minutes 24 hours a day he had to turn a screw attached to the device-until the jaw snapped…..all of it sounds awful.
So-I volunteered to come here-South Carolina,to take care of my grandson…deliver him to school,and afterwards-daycare…and something else I thought was long out of my life-change diapers….I believe my potty training skills may still be intact!
My son will require one month to recouperate …it will most likely take me that long too,the little angel in the photograph is quite an energetic fellow for his ‘Whopper’….which is what the lad calls me!

I return home to Florida this coming Sunday-to resume my life and get re-acquainted with my forest and my pal’s…my chiuaua’s and my own computer and back to life as it is for me!
I have interesting things coming up-the plans to meet Congresswoman Ginny Brown-Waite to discuss MST ‘military sexual trauma’ and connected items of interest to both her and I…plus the continuance of a US Mail fraud case which has just begun…some jester has found it funny to set me up with tons of subscriptions for magazines….to the total of 385 US dollars,the invoices totaled so far. Let me express-the Postal Investigators are not too happy and are going to build a case of ‘mail fraud’ and ‘use of US Mail to harrass”….supposedly these are being taken as serious crimes as they are a felony-which can earn somebody several years(in prison).
I will explain this later-when I return to my familier surroundings,as it is connected to what I am writing about through out these journals!

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