about face…10 years

about face…
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I have let most of the day go by sitting in my own world listening to Leonard Cohen singing about the woman with the “tea with orange and roses” and then my mind struck the date.
I have not forgotten the woman Rose. I will never forget her or this date.

How strange and in a surreal way that it happened that listening to the depth of the words Leonard Cohen sings made me collect myself and look at the calender.

How hard it is to think of my part in Roses life. My nightmares of prisons haunt me enough with out having been involved with this woman’s own incarceration. Her crime became a part of my life.

I felt this strangeness-the freedom I have to sit here and listen to Cohen’s music at my own will. The man Rose murdered does not have that freedom-and Rose does not have that freedom,and here I am feeling remorse,I don’t understand.

I did nothing to this woman-and I cannot understand why it is I was to be the one who was to be her Judas,what punishment it is. I have never felt settled about this. I did not know the man she killed with out remorse of her own-she escaped prison four times. And yet now 10 years later the thought of her life entwined with mine still disturbs me.

How can you wish some one well who is to spend her full life in prison? Why should I want to? Yet-I feel badly for her…the woman who served tea with orange and roses reminded me of her.

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