MST and the VA and SURVIVORS

the American flag

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Military Sexual Trauma made the news yesterday-the numbers of reported cases are rising-and they aren’t even sure if the numbers are correct.
I am certain they ar not-but that is only me.

My numbers are up! The numbers of people who search the web-seeking info about Military Sexual Trauma-or,MST…some searching for ‘rape in the military’-some searching for VA treatment of rape survivors. The numbers are high-there are many searching for answers and searching for help.

I began encouraging the MST survivors that write me-saying that one of the best therapies and most important tasks of an MST survivor is to write about the experience-and the life afterwards. The Internet has provided me with a voice . To voice it out-and doing so uninterrupted is paramount…so it seems to me!

I have learned how free I have become! I can write about every moment of my life as a sufferer…and a survivor-and do so without fear of someone recognizing me…or with out care if they do!

My photo today is of Alcatraz Prison with the American Flag in the foreground. An important image-we as soldiers and sailors enlisted to defend FREEDOMS…to defend our FLAG and to defend the RIGHTS of so many others….and yet-our rights are not important-so it seems.

As a survivor of MST we are a silent wounded! No one wants to know about us-that is why we need to tell them!

I learned that this computer is a VOICE!

My disability creates a fear of contact-I am afraid to pick up the telephone and make contact! And then I find this machine and it’s ability to reach hundreds-and thousands-all at one time! Plus-I am not in anyones way….those who read my words hunted for them!

Like I said-I am suggesting to many of those who contact me to begin their own ‘blog’….or journal-take advantage of the use of ‘tags’ to send-off the alerts required for someone who might ‘GOOGLE’ Military Sexual Trauma-or MST or any related topic!

Each one of us is like a seed-yes,I tell that to those who contact me too….we are important as seeds because we are going to grow into something living….living? Yes-a source of help to others who are as afraid as we have been….and need to know there are others like us-for support,or for learning-or for survival.

Every time someone else makes their story available the more we will generate a truer knowledge of the numbers…not statistical numbers-but the real numbers with faces and stories of how tragic the mess of MST really is-and how our veterans who suffer are treated. The newspapers and the Department of Defense can publish the facts of thousands being assaulted and shoved under carpets of the ‘good old boys’ system….but WE can put faces on it-and relate REAL experiences,and we can cause changes to happen.

The photo this morning is so important-a PRISON and the AMERICAN FLAG! Sort of a remarkable scene-fitting for the MST Survivor-we defended this Flag  just like any other soldier, yet we are imprisoned by post traumatic fears that are results of damages to our soul because of what happened to us while trying to show other lands how freedom really is!

Where is our freedom?

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6 Responses to “MST and the VA and SURVIVORS”

  1. Joan Says:


    Your words just couldn’t be more true. As you know, I have just started to blog (thanks for listing mine..btw. I greatly appreciate it!) I started work this morning a complete and total basket case. Once the words are out there in cyber space and I can say anything I want, anyway I want…some of the tension is gone.

    Blogging helps to open those prison doors that we live in because only those who have been here truly understand.

    Blessings, Brother!

    enemy in the wire

  2. bookwitchery Says:

    Still here, still reading, hon. Just in a bad place right now, but didn’t want you to think I’d deserted you.

    Be well.

  3. jay herron Says:

    I’ve crawled into that same kind of hole…it is all still there,just follows you in-that is why rising up and fighting the enemy that is with in us and surrounds is so important-we become freer one step at a time!

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