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Before I write this:

For those who have only just stumbled by finding my journal by accident….I am Jay Herron-a 59-year-old male (MALE) survivor of  rape.

 My attacks occurred while serving in the United States military-being so, qualifies me for a distinct kind of definition for rape…it is known as ‘military sexual trauma’…MST!

Several years ago-the time which can be dated by the date I first set up a computer in my home-the date I first started writing about my life as a survivor….the date I was offended by the remarks of a Veterans Service Officer-a VSO! The date that proved that there is an ignorance about ‘sexual trauma’ being related to something that just ain’t that bad! After all…sex was involved?? Right? Come on chum…am I right??

The interview I had the first time I ever met a VSO was responded to with humor and bigotry…the humor was self serving-the VSO saw it odd that homosexuals needed a reason to rape each other…and the VSO was clearly shocked to hear my rapist(s) were not black men. To him it just had to be!

I should have quit then.

A month or so later….the date that I started writing about the injustice of being an MST survivor….I returned to the VSO and more remarks (and again-the self-serving humor) about my being a male rape victim had more to do with homosexual behavior than it did with my being beaten up and forced to be victimized-repeatedly for nearly two months!

I’ve begun to realize since beginning this journal that I am not a lone survivor….there are thousands of MST veterans-many of them are silent and hidden away by the fears resulting from being a victim-and the fears that are energized by PTSD. I know these people-the MST veteran as ‘silent wounded’.

The SILENT WOUNDED came forward when duty called-like any soldier or sailor-came forward to protect and serve and the defend the rights and freedoms of this country-the United States of America! Our wounds came in an unreasonable way…a shameful way-not in battle as a final result of courage-with honor,not in a way that earns us the respect of any other veteran…or the country we stepped forward to defend. We are the SILENT WOUNDED!

I know this. I lived in silence for a great part of my adult life because of the stigma and shame connected with rape. No one wanted to know…no one ever asked! My injuries came at a time that I was considered a disgrace to my family…they never knew why I became the way I have, broken.

So you are out there too! You are mustered up in a line of veterans that live in silence-most likely not feeling any honor in your military service…injured and not able to speak out about it-how you came to be a member of the ‘SILENT WOUNDED’!

My name is Jay Herron! I am sick that there are no voices loud enough to hear your plea for justice-and civil rights!

I AM going to Washington DC. I AM going to attend the national rally at the Capital of the United States…and-I AM going to carry the voices of other survivors…that is,if those silent are tired of keeping quiet-and want justice and equal rights,will respond to me and allow me to carry their message!

I am Jay Herron. I AM an MST survivor! I AM going to Washington DC! Write to me and allow me to be your messenger:

jayfherron@yahoo.com  and I will print a copy to hand deliver- or…

9950 NE 132 Terrace-Williston FL 32696

(address it to SILENT WOUNDED and I will deliver your hand sealed envelope UN-opened) AND-will only place them in the hands of a Senator or Congress person ONLY!

Tell your story in however you can find the words and I promise you I will respect your pages and your words with all of my heart and I will hand deliver them to what ever Senator will accept them.

I AM attending the May 11,2010 Don’t ask,Don’t tell (DADT) rally in Washington DC…I have been told that there are people who want to hear our story! I have ben told I will meet a Senator that IS willing to listen and hear the words of the SILENT WOUNDED.

I am not concerned with who needs to ask and who needs to tell-my mission is not to appeal for anything more than for the equal rights of MST survivors! We need a freedom to be able to come forward and receive that which we first enlisted to defend-our rights,and the rights of others!

Help me tell your story-allow me the trust to be your voice.


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6 Responses to “…goin to the city-Washington DC”

  1. enemyinthewire Says:

    Thanks Jay, I sent you off an email to take with you. Thank you for helping to make our voices be heard.’


  2. enemyinthewire Says:

    I am so happy you are doing this! To tell you the truth…now that my claim has come in and I can set aside a little money…I may just join you next time! If I can overcome my fear of travel and strange places. Sorry – that makes me laugh hysterically because I don’t even like to go in strange places in my own small town!

    Pass that letter to everyone who will listen. It is so very sad reading your other post tonight…then reading my post today. I wrote mine before reading yours and so much of it sounds like it was written by the same person.

    MST SURVIVORS ARE VETERANS TOO! We are hurt, we are broken, we are more often than not…alone. We suffer many of the same symptoms of PTSD as those who served in Combat…we just don’t get medals and I often feel shame instead of honor. But WE are VETERANS too.

    You will be in my prayers as usual! Go…Brother…Go. I can’t be there with you but you have my heart, soul and spirit with you every step of the way.



    • jayherron Says:

      I know your prayers will follow me-I know that God has angels that encamp around all of us-and they will follow me there. I will feel so much better knowing that you are praying for me-because this cause is for ALL and only for hem can I go,the Silent Wounded-and the afraid. I know that fear-and my PTSD is not going to help,but-the trip must happen to give those who can’t find it-a voice! Thank you my sister! peace

  3. Jamey Harding Says:

    Jay I owe you a HUGE debt of gratitude. Had it not been for your blog being high up in the results listing on Google I never would have read that you even were aware Of SFC Demetrius Busby. To think that this man raped me on four occasions during Basic Combat Training, resulting in me being discharged and then the military allowing him to retire after 24 years and become a J.R.O.T.C. Instructor baffles me! Had C.I.D. actually conducted an investigation his Junior Cadets never would have suffered their plights. The Detective in charge of his case was nice enough to overnight me his entire police file and it breaks my heart to read the testimony of the boys assaulted by him. He had seven identifiable victims and only two had the courage and moral compass to be scrutinized and cooperate with authorities so that he was eventually charges with three felony counts. I’m sorry, but 12 years in a Florida State Prison is NOT enough time for this man. I am sure I am not his only victim from Basic Training and he probably had many before me. If you do the math BCT Cycle were every thirteen weeks. That’s new meat for him to prey upon on a regular cycle and that’s a tremendous amount of victims! That’s 22 training cycles which could have had more than one victim! Hell he had 7 that they are aware of in Sarasota Florida, imagine how many they don’t know about about for whatever the reason. As our meetings with the Senators go I want John Walsh from America’s Most Wanted to profile him since he had 13 different geographical locations where he could have potential victims. This would permit the United States Attorney to make this a Federal Case or at least JAG to Court Marshal him and get his ass someplace less comfortable like Fort Leavenworth, KS which is precisely where he needs to be. I truly look forward to meeting you in Washington, and am proud to have you by my side as a tribute to ALL Military Sexual Trauma victims. We will have our voice heard by 5 United States Senator whom have committed to hearing our stories and suggestions on how to include J.R.O.T.C. Cadets as part of VA Care and settlement with the Senate Armed Services Committee. All of this has come to fruition because of you my friend, paths cross for a reason and this is OUR reason, we shall prevail…and continue fighting until it is recognized by our Government and treated accordingly. Love Jamey a fellow MST victim

    • jayherron Says:

      Jamey-you owe me nothing-there is no debt to repay! I am just sick and tired that our miitary service has dishonored so many MST victims by shrugging them off and making them dissappear into a hollow space in our heads! You too are a hero-you have co-ordinated these meetings…so walk shoulder to shoulder with me as a warrior and not a step behind! peace brother-and we will meet in D!

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