without words

The other day I wrote that I am stuck…I am still stuck-and burning up my clutch trying to get loose!

The bible tells us there are angels that are encamped around us. Who knows all of that mystery-or many of the mysteries of God. I try to rationalize everything I can with some spiritual seasoning included…I’ve seen too much,too much has happened,and all of it has made me who I am.

God is a mystery to all of us who consider God. We all seem to have the ‘answer’ but are confused by the various messengers that pass along our path. Instead-we ought to crank the eyes of our heart northward towards the sky and ask for the real truth.

I had a neighbor visit the other day-a VERY rare sort of occasion. Hardly any neighbor ever stops in!

This person lost an adult son-a young man who grew up with my sons. He in reality died from injuries received in auto accident several years before. He more specifically died from his body being tired of trying to digest the countless pain pills he took each day and night.  The injuries took his body and twisted it to where walking was difficult and ugly. The toll from all of it must have been hard to bear.

The mother explained to me she felt like God was punishing her-just the morning she visited she lost a wallet full of money,something like 4 or 5 hundred dollars…and was asking me why God was punishing her like so?

First I asked why it was God to blame-I mean,it was just money? And if it was her son she was putting the blame on…it should not be-we all know death knocks on our door knob at the unexpected times in life.

It was kind of interesting having that conversation. Like I said-having a visitor drop in is rare,and my neighbors are the rarest of them all. So this person has-if any-sporadic information of my life,or who I am. Sitting there listening to her while holding my own pain inside was  powerful because the way I was able to explain to her that  I had just days ago gone over to the ocean and stared up at the sky knowing beyond it somewhere was a heaven that no one is able to describe! And made her cry!

 I don’t know? I think I gave her some peace. I know it left me amazed! Why is it? Why is it a person more or less a stranger would be compelled to come to my house and lament about lost money…and trying to blame it on God punishing her some way. Her not knowing at times I’m trying to plan a way to make stale bread taste better…or just go without! Or the stack of mucky muck I am going through in my life.

I think it is why the visit to the shore is so vital to me-to be able to look out and see just the ocean and the sky. The void-void of any issues, just pure.

Well…pure in the Spiritual sense. To realize the content of my own self. A less pure vessel. But yet knowing the love of God to know there are angels encamped around me!

The Hopi have this cast of various dancers. They are colorful-and meaningful…they are like the group of angels that are assigned to camp around us. They are medicine! Each for a different healing or season. Kachina is the name. They are of a variety of reasons…I see the dancers like my friends-each for a different reason,some for healing…some for humor-and those for guidance. Like my friends-I have a variety,someone is humorous to me and someone else has wisdom that helps.

The open sky-the blue no artist can conceive in the mix of their colors…holds a place for me somewhere up there. Thanks to my angels and my spirit dancers.

Peace…that is where I am with that!

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