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anger and hurt make the silence void

September 25, 2010

looking into the face of God
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I believe my words were not sufficient at all. I feel the above links can show the truth better,and the following comments from the subject of these links really tell the truth better than I can ever express it…

I cleared what I had written because no one can tell the story better than the one it is written about.

The newspaper article is about a man who wants to represent MST survivors.

You should think about that!


let me end by beginning…

September 10, 2010


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I have a situation.

My words are being limited something similar to a jury being sequestered.

I have been given information which now may inspire an investigation.

To protect that I have been advised not to say anymore until the green light is lit again.

I can say things like this…

If you have a been a victim of ‘military sexual trauma’ seek help. MST has damaged you-you are hurt.

Also…hold the Veterans Administration accountable. DO NOT GIVE UP!


We enlisted to serve our country. We expected to be injured or even killed. Experiencing sexual trauma was not a part of the duty we volunteered to meet.