this should interest MST survivors

This article and the video is very interesting…especially considering the source of who is reporting it!

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16 Responses to “this should interest MST survivors”

  1. nancy S Says:

    This website might be of interest to MST survivors. This legal firm is doing a class action suit to change the DOD procedures for reporting/prosecuting MST.

    Contact info:

  2. blogger from God's house Says:

    I am a new reader here. having survived and now beginning to thrive some traumas, I wanted to hear about your healing journey.

  3. BJ Says:

    Al Jazeera TV reports this, eh? Well, having seen some of the absolute filth put out by Al Jazeera TV, I’m very skeptical as to how such a network would even care about American Military Rapes. I’m also an active duty servicewoman who will be hitting 20 years in April 2011 (and re-enlisting). I don’t deny there have been rapes in the Military–there have. Yes, some of those who reported those rapes have been mistreated by the system, but that is not the norm. There are dozens of ways the military protects victims of rape. We have Restricted and Unrestricted Reporting to protect the privacy and rights of the victims. At Ramstein, shortly after I got here, someone was arrested for male-to-male rape at Ramstein. This article makes it sound like military rape victims are re-victimized, that military women are all treated as ‘sex’ objects and it’s totally unsafe to be a woman in the US Armed Forces. That is a bunch of hogwash. I have many women who serve with me in the US Military in all 4 branches. I have yet to see any of them fearful and worried they’d be raped by our male counterparts. If anything, our male servicemembers we serve along with are actually very protective. The rapes that occur to military women are very few, and not always by our fellow military men. I think this story has been taken out of context by Al Jazeera and sensationalized in order to cut down the US Military, and why wouldn’t they? After all, Al Jazeera is run by terrorist extremist Muslim factions. In Europe satellite, you get Al Jazeera TV. When I got my satellite (Hotbird), I spent about half the night removing certain channels–to include Al Jazeera. The reason? They were showing commercials depicting pornographic sex. It was thoroughly disgusting, and Al Jazeera was the worst at showing this crap. The extremist Muslim Terrorists would love to have the world believe they want their women covered up, but they look at Western women as whores. They use their own women as sexual objects on Al Jazeera TV commercials for sexual advertisements showing almost everything. An organization who does this to their own women while leading the world to believe they are ‘pious’ and ‘good Muslims’ doesn’t sound like a reliable source of information to me. I can also say this not just as someone who’s seen the crap on Al Jazeera, and as a military woman, but also as someone who’s served time in the Middle East: Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Qatar.

    • jayherron Says:

      At least there is someone writing about it…the USA sure is not getting the facts!

    • Carolyn Says:

      Well, I’m just flabbergasted! I find much truth in places that you slam, BJ.

      I must be Muslim deep down; I heartily disapprove of much that goes on in my country. We do blare sex! But also greatly disapprove of what goes on in “their” countries.

      I gave my opinion about O. Honors on my blog instantly.

      As for the ‘statistics’ on MST or in society I don’t believe it in the least. I’m sure that for every time it is reported there are 10 or more than hasn’t been. One bearing on the situation is the fact the victim isn’t believed or else made to feel they brought it on themselves. I know!

      Doing my own survey once: asked several close friends/females if they ever experienced sexual molestation in youth. YES was the answer from 100%! I was shocked for there had never been any inkling regarding this in their past.

      What does this tell you? If one is capable of reading another human, there are many signs to see by.

  4. Joan Says:

    B. J.

    Thank you for writing in – and I do agree with you on the fact that Al Jazeera is not a “western-friendly” newspaper.

    I am very happy for you that your military career has been so positive. Mine was too – once upon a time. But please do not discount actual statistical data that is proven fact.

    DOD statistics (the actual Department of Defense reports)

    1 in 3 Women in the military will be raped or severly harrassed by a fellow soldier.

    1 in 10 Men in the military will be raped or severly harrassed by a fellow soldier.

    Because so many more men serve – the actual numbers are almost equal.

    For my part the military’s attempt to “protect” me include a discharge after 16 1/2 years of honorable service. Hey, guess what…that means NO retirement and NO benefits.

    I’m not discouraging you from serving…you have every right to be incredibly proud of what you are doing and I thank you!

    I would ask only one thing of you. With all of your years in service, you must have rank, so you must be leading troops. Please – read up on Military Sexual Trauma. Learn the stats, the signs and symptoms, learn how to recognize abuse of power. If you see it or if a soldier comes to you…be a leader, help them!

    “This is a bunch of hogwash”

    It is obvious from this statement that you don’t believe any of us. When a soldier comes to you…and sooner or later….they will come to you. Please get them the help they need. I know that if the leader I turned to for help had stepped forward and given me a little support – I would be in a much better place.

    Bless you in your career. Please believe me when I say I am truly happy that your career is going so well – because none of us who live this life want to see anyone else “join the club.”


    • jayherron Says:

      Very well spoken Joan!! Thank You…because I was beside myself and unable to think!

    • BJ Says:

      Joan – You misunderstood my hogwash statement. I am well aware of MST and would have, had I seen ANYONE committing such an atrocity, not only reported it, but probably gotten into trouble myself as I would have had trouble from beating the crap out of the offender myself. This statement I wrote, ” This article makes it sound like military rape victims are re-victimized, that military women are all treated as ‘sex’ objects and it’s totally unsafe to be a woman in the US Armed Forces.” is where the hogwash statement comes in. What I was saying was a bunch of ‘hogwash’ is the idea that military women are ALL treated as “sex objects” and it’s totally unsafe to be a woman in the US Armed Forces. Remember, I’m a woman myself, so I wouldn’t make such a statement unless I knew from experience. As I also indicated, not all women are treated as sex objects, and many of the men are very protective. To say my statement shows I don’t believe any of you is very broad and inaccurate. For your information, I was made aware of Uncle Jay’s rape back in the mid-1980s when I was just a teenager. I was told it as a fact and believed it actually happened.

  5. Jerry Says:

    Anderson Cooper has talked about MST on his show and I’m sure more newscasters will follow suit in the future. Peace, Jerry

  6. jayherron Says:

    BJ…it seems the XO of the USS Enterprise is going to be looking at al Jazeera for a job if it is filth that you believe they publish. I see no difference to put a balance on filth if America is representented by an XO who clearly has social troubles and appears to harbor filth in his own self. Disgusting stuff,I’m sure you’ve seen the video by now,everyone has access to it thanks to the Internet.
    I never will forget what an old preacher once spoke at a revival…”never forget that when you point a finger in judgement of another that there are three fingers on the same hand that points and they are all facing back at you”.
    It is concerning and troubling that a US Navy ship that has a population the size of a small city could be under the command of someone as immature and disgusting as XO Honor. How much more?

  7. Harry Says:

    I think you folks need a wake-up call. Al Jazeera ain’t interested in calling attention to MST because they care! They only want to call attention to it so they can bad-mouth America. Ain’t you never heard of them “Honor Killings”? In some of them there Muslim countries that Al Jazeera broadcasts from, young girls are killed by their mothers, fathers, and brothers after she has been raped. They say the rape was her fault and then kill her. They don’t do nothin to the rapist. He’s basically a hero, and you think it’s so wonderful to have Al Jazeera reporting on America’s MST in the Military? How about posting when you get something from CNN or ABC news or something like that? If you don’t think there’s enough reporting in American news channels, how about sending them your stories, doing Press conferences, and interviews?

    • jayherron Says:

      There is nothing there but the truth Harry! I have personally spoken to Susan Avila-Smith who is interviewed on this news clip and she is 100% rock solid for serving vets who have suffered MST. The source of the news story should also wake us up that our television and our D o D is not telling the truth. Sorry that issues interfere with telling the truth….or wanting to hear it…or being able to accept it regardless on who is telling it!

  8. Carolyn Says:

    Oh, Harry, please don’t tell me you are representing my country “them there Mus…”.

    My understanding is that Dahr Jamail wrote this report backed by thorough research. Jamail is an INDEPENDENT Journalist – he doesn’t work for Al Jazeera.

    I frankly admire AJ. They are honest! Dahr is very thorough in his journalism/good whether you will admit it or even understand, which I have my doubts.

    Its time people open their eyes to truth; to what is happening in our own backyards; to what goes on ‘behind closed doors’ in every aspect.

    I’m American and don’t believe anything their news media reports – When you realize it is the news owners who steer the wheel and their bottom purpose is garnering “moola” and control.

    Funny that no American news station grabbed this report by Dahr Jamail – not funny haha but scary, very scary

    Ding, Ding. Wake up. As far as I understand, the US military did nothing to the rapists involved with the issue here with this man.

    Sort of on the same order as those you are slamming about. There are wrongs everywhere and that includes America Open the eyes, Harry for the scandalous truths are starting to hit home and it is about time. And please don’t retort with “This is God’s country” for it “ain’t” so.

  9. ivan Says:

    will be sending a statement I am mst survivor 1977 of Sept discharge honorable homosexual tendency rape was involved

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