MST in the wings…

 Printed this morning in my local newspaper (likely owned by some radical wing of liberals….sarcasim…or some fundamental group of al Jazzers…more sarcasim) and just is additional evidence that sexually improper people are in the Air Force too!

more on the truth…

….be cautious,this might be from some outcast group trying to make America look bad!

Whoops…seems this liberal publication might be trying to make America look bad too???

 Yee-ow!~this is serious!!

It is MST!

Military Sexual Trauma… exemptions no matter where!

Oh…this paper too?

A possible underground movement to destroy our moral…and make the military look bad…at least this,these  American papers have printed this! 


8 Responses to “MST in the wings…”

  1. Says:

    Jay, Sexual assault and trauma are being talked about now and have been for sometime. If your feeling unheard, watch reruns of Law and Order SVU. We are all victims of violent crime and abuse. Peace

    • jayherron Says:

      ahhh,Jerry…I was being sarcastic for the benefit of responding to BJ who has fortunant enough to find the line where no evil lay! Glad to hear from you! PEACE

  2. BJ Says:

    Once again, you misunderstand what I was saying. If you think I am NOT aware of MST in the USAF, you’re dead wrong. Shortly after I arrived here in Germany, the Stars and Stripes had an article of a guy at Ramstein–which is WHERE I AM who was convicted of—guess what? Raping OTHER MALES. Mind you, I’m also the one who forwarded the information to you I found in AIR FORCE TIMES about Capt Devery L. Taylor, the guy who raped 5 Military men in Florida. I even told you I could give you the phone number and e-mail address of the lawyer who helped the 5 men win their case against Capt Taylor. I told you since you had been raped by men, and since you were saying you ‘wanted to help other MST victims, I could easily get you the attorney’s e-mail and phone number. That way, you could contact her and give her YOUR information to give to these 5 young men who MIGHT be very appreciative of talking to someone who knew the agony of what they went through. Well, you responded by telling me that was not the kind of help you meant, but that you were “at War with the VA”. I have also read various accounts of Rape, Sexual Assault, Air Force Generals and Colonels losing commands because of their guilt in these offenses, so no, I’m far from ignorant of MST in the USAF. In fact, I never once said the USAF was clean, nor did I ever make any insinuations to a ‘line where evil lay’. By the way, referring to Air Force Times or any Military Newspaper as “Liberal” or even “Conservative” is off the mark. Military papers do not take positions either way. They can’t–not if they’re going to be labeled Military and have the endorsement of the US Armed Forces.

    • jayherron Says:

      I was more so refering to the al jazzer news program comment,they told the truth clearly and completely…don’t matter who tells the truth,as long as the truth is spoken. al Jazzer told it clearly. I am not sure you gave me the new about Taylor as it was big news in Florida…but who cares,it is important to expose this!

  3. Mohammed Says:

    Allah Akbar! Al Jazeera is the BEST. Praise be to Allah and all respect to his prophet Mohammed. I love reading words from you, but I hate when that idiot BJ writes on your blog. Who does he think he is? His babbling on and on shows he is not just stupid. He is the worst, the stupidest, the most idiot person I have ever read from. When BJ posts on your blog, it reminds me of a pig, which is unclean. He will not ever be as smart as you. You just tell Mohammed here if you know where that dumb@$$ BJ is, and Mohammed here will make sure he never posts again on any blog, the stupid idiot. Allah Akbar! Mohammed Al Rabin

    • jayherron Says:

      I have been thinking and praying of a more clear response to your words….thank you for expressions that my words touch you,but the moment is necessary for me to ponder the rest. Peace

  4. Mohammed Says:

    Praise be to Allah! It makes my heart so cheerful to see you also are a good Muslim, following the teachings of Allah’s prophet, Mohammed. Together, you and I, we will bring glory to Allah and bring that idiot BJ down. Doing so will ensure we get our 72 virgins. Allah Akbar! Your friend, Mohammed.

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