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The following link will lead you to the idea of how the military is suggesting a veteran file for disability. I do not think they really are wanting to help. You be the judge!

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  1. Joan Says:

    Ohhh, Jay! You post things that make me to laugh 😉

    That’s what “” has to say about filing a claim…don’t expect the VSO to do a lot and remember they don’t get much money so be nice!!

    Please don’t think I am bashing VSO’s – mine was and is wonderful! Kind, Compassionate, Hard-working and Definately UNDERPAID. If we could just clone her!!

    However, we know that there are some out there that just are not trained properly or at all prepared to provide any form of compassion. I know…I’ve met them!

    Even those who are committed and WANT to do the right thing – are often unable, untrained and sometimes unwilling to deal with the emotional aspects of filing a MST claim.

    Thanks, Jay…many, many blessings!


    • jayherron Says:

      Yes Joan…I only wish I was skilled enough to write something as funny as what has had to say! My first contact with a VSO guy was when it was concluded by him that my attackers had to be black and that it was confusing to him to understand why homosexuals needed to rape each other?? His comments are what angered me and inspired my writing the blog. In reality,my opinion is that the very moment an MST vet opens up and tells the story that veteran should be placed on a turquoise line (the international color of the rape and sexual assault ribbon) and never have any meeting from/with a VSO clerk who has NO business hearing the details of a survivors experience. You were lucky! Across the nation the requirements for the VSO job are scattered and varied and none I ever found ever addressed special training in sexual trauma cases. What a sad statement to say about a unit that is in force to help veterans! The VSO clerk is underpaid,so don’t expect them to go all out for you? I’m sick!!

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