Somewhere in this crazy cyber space place SOMEONE has stolen my identity…stolen my email contacts AND sent emails saying that I am stranded somewhere and need money!
I am NOT the person who sent those emails!
The sad part is…many of the people who recieved these emails are hurt enough by the tragic events of trauma…I AM SO SORRY this happened!
One young veteran connected with me this morning seeking advice (a female from the conflict in Kosovo)…I am especially sorry, I did not mean for this to happen!
I NO LONGER have the email…ha, it will now have to remain a mystery because my passport, my personal info and the info of email contacts IS GONE!!
Those of you that have my telephone number…I AM STILL THERE!!

9 Responses to “IDENTITY STOLEN”

  1. BJ Says:

    You’ve gotten hacked, unfortunately. What you’ll need to do if you get another account is to make the password one that is hard to crack, and change it frequently. Another thing is, make a document for all your contacts and don’t have a contacts list in your E-mail. If you have no contact lists, the scammers (which is what that person is) can’t use your address book. Your privacy controls will also need to be set high and include only those people you know personally. If you wish to connect with folks you don’t know personally, such as those who correspond with you on here, I’d suggest doing an e-mail at and directing them over there.


  2. BJ Says:

    Probably some Nigerian or other West African nutjob. They’re known for their 419 Scams. Can’t be too careful.

    • jayherron Says:

      It could have been the nut-jobs…but it seems the origin of the theft comes from Canada! As I signed in to my now deleted Yahoo account the headline said Yahoo Canada…?? Who really knows?
      Are Nigerians really nut-jobs? Interesting view.

  3. d. hart Says:

    Glad you are okay Jay.
    Will let Rita, Lisa, Larry know.

  4. nancy S. Says:


    This has happened to me, too, that’s why I recognized it as a scam, as the email I received about being trapped in a foreign country unable to access my phone or funds was almost word for word identical to the one from your fake email address.

    Unfortunately, i don’t have your phone, so will continue on FaceBook if you will accept my friend request.

    nancy S.

    • jayherron Says:

      NS…I have had all my personal online accounts deleted! That, excepting this one, as in the beginning of my online computer experience thought I would seem honest and more upfront if I used my real life name! What the authorities have told me that although I desired to be honest it was that very point that caused this mess in the long run! The thieves found my name and used skills to find information about me…this was sacred and protected because on ‘wordpress’ I used my name,but not my full name!
      I have been told ‘facebook’ is likely where the thieves began because most of us use facebook to be ourselves and tell about ourselves, even as I do here, so clicking onto ‘facebook’ is not a desireable option…plus, all of my personal email accounts and passwords….stolen,removed,deleted by someone,but not me!

  5. BJ Says:

    Don’t misunderstand. Not all Nigerians are nutjobs, but the 419 scams do come primarily from Nigeria and Ghana. Try googling 419 Scam and Scambuster. The Nigerian scammers actually work together. Some of them are “romance scammers” who trail social networking sites such as Facebook looking for targets. For a guy, the scammer will post photos of some gorgeous woman, then tell the man how lonely she is, how she longs for a good man, sometimes she’s a “widowed mother” wanting a ‘father’ for her children. After reeling in the sympathetic man, “She” (who often is actually a “he”) starts pestering the guy for money, making up various sob stories to play on his sympathies. As to Facebook, have you set any privacy controls on it? There is a way to limit access. Facebook has even made it to where you can designate who gets to see what on your Friends’ Lists. Your Facebook has been deleted but not by you? Did I read that right? Do you need someone to report the incident to Facebook?

    • jayherron Says:

      I believe that because the scams are titled from a person from one land or another is just the ruse; it is just a demon. It happened because a person is a thief! Not because of a nationality, or a race.

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