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the real last day!

November 8, 2011
USS Vulcan AR-5 at James River by jayfherron
USS Vulcan AR-5 at James River, a photo by jayfherron on Flickr.

A few weeks ago some clever person found access to my on-line accounts and everything I kept on file was deleted, my passwords changed, and a lot of hassle.
I kind of feel an ease about this…seeing hawks,and finding dimes!
I can’t even sign in to view my own blog…but somehow this one spot, my photo box, has not been tricked.
I have no idea if this will publish.

In the morning tomorrow I board another freighter ship! This carries me for the next three months. Thankfully, again, there are only 21 others on ship. Now a few of those are my friends! This boarding and travel will certainly be the never more of this blog! I am saying good-bye!

I do hope this publishes as I hope the book about my life as a rape survivor (survivor?) will publish.
This is something people need to realize, truth, about who are the victims of sexual trauma. We only hear about some, but not all of the truth.

I hope also to re-new more of what I found out there at sea! I lost so much out there the first trip…and then I found so much more!
I have not lost the care and concern I have for the many veterans…those who know what MST means to them, many of you who I speak with personally, and those who I have emailed in the past-and kindly email me…I have no means to contact you, and the forum which I write to you know is only a hope that this comes through and you understand….I did not quit!
I am building up a new energy to find a way to help every MST vet!

The sunrises out at sea, they have meaning!
Peace, and thank you so much!