vet’s with MST share more

I received the following as a comment to a recent post,today-and…the entire comment needs to serve as a post-the reason being the blog Joan mentions “the enemy in the wire” began a few years back and through it has grown many conversations regarding Military Sexual Trauma-MST. When your blog encourages a newspaper article which headlines MST so many eyes are opened to the crime than would ever have been before. What a powerful achievement for every survivor for your being the branch that opened our words to more than just our blogs have done-you know that the eyes that will read this article might not have chosen to search for MST blogs. And this means the eyes of many people-just think of what this means!

You are a blessing!! Joan and Brigid…and, please read on:


I wanted to post this link to your blog:

This is Brigid and I – I know that sometimes in our fight we feel as though we aren’t really getting anywhere. We feel that all of our efforts are for nothing. I particularly wanted to be sure that you see this…becuse you started us on this road – and I am forever grateful!



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