in a blank…

A by jayfherron
A, a photo by jayfherron on Flickr.

It is being difficult-finding words!
I maintain my passion to raise awareness about sexual trauma in the ranks-and sexually traumatised males, sexual trauma goes further than what is known-there are victims many never hear about.
I am trying to revive my writing-but in honesty-my mind is still out at sea…or better said-my mind is still ‘seeing’ what I saw while at sea!

Also, there are still complications connected to the theft of my on-line accounts-one year ago. Who ever did this-I hate to say-succeded in destroying a lot of work, and communication with former contacts, particularly the contacts I made through these writings.
The tragic thing-eraseing all of my contacts after theif wrote his bogus email to everyone…it was so unfair to the many who had contacted me in confidence, only to recieve the bogus email.
So…access to several of these accounts have been sporadic because-appearantly-the thief still has active interest.
Which makes one wonder…who is this-really?

I am working towards a new trip to Washington DC-to tell of MST.
I have other plans too, such as thinking of going to DC on foot. This way I can speak of the malady that hurts most every one of us…the PTSD; the silence we must live through; the unjust way sexual trauma is viewed…there is more!

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