Sweetie and Max by jayfherron
Sweetie and Max, a photo by jayfherron on Flickr.

On the left in this photo is my sweetest chihuahua named Sweetie! That is Max snoozing next to her!
She was 15 years old on July 9th when the inevitable need to give her forever rest came!
Max and I are broken-and miss her.
And-there were vet bills to pay, so doing that we met up with Mini.
Mini had to have been the most unbelievable puppy I ever had.
And-we are crushed again…she was run over by ATV machines on Thanksgiving afternoon.
In grief and total shock and the sadness of watching Max looking more forelorn then ever…off I go that following Saturday and pick up the most ate up worm infested hound I have ever seen-the fleas made the skin of this four week old raw with blood.
You know-raising and healing a four week old puppy is work…but damned-if the labor aint turning to love.

I was told on the day of Sweetie’s passing that my vet was a volunteer at the local chapter of PTSD dogs for vets! She remarked I should go for one!
I tried-but found myself stuck by the rutt of the VA being involved!
No VA shrink-well…no PTSD dog!

I explained my situation as how my VA papers forever seperate me from VA medical attention (required attention) and that the shrink I see currently is out of my own pocket…not from the VA’s!

No sir…must be VA!

So, I can live with out a specially trained service dog…and keep my own little crew!

Wormy and eaten up with fleas is now called Rocky! Rocky road in her beginning-and dang if she aint got those racoon circles around her eyes!
Spoiled would be a better name-since her ‘Paw’ will gladly (said with full force of sarcasim) wake at 0100 and 0230 and 0400 and so on-just to stop the whines and of course teach her to pee outside!
But…at those hours??

Make no mistake!
For someone like me-I have a companion who loves me with no exceptions-and is the only creature who casts a shadow that I can completely trust!
The companion is these critters!

The interesting end to these words is about a cat called Echo!

Anyone who knows me knows my not being the fond one of cats! If here-they are well taken care of…but-earn names like ‘Cat’ and are fed and noted for presence…but I do not accept them as well as I do dogs!
This is truth…sometimes truth is hard!

Mini was taken care of in my best and usual canine undertakers respects!
I built her a box and carefully lay her inside with the puppy bed she had.
I got drunk. Cried…and cursed and cried!
And buried her next to Joe and Lucky and Sweetie and others from far back-oh…twenty or so graves?
So…the other eve’s walk I hear “meow”!
It comes from the pet boot hill.
There it is!!
A young cat-about exactly Mini’s age….SAME COLORS!!
It (how dare this) see’s seeing me as a sign that I gave her the keys!! In she goes-right passed me-into the only huge comfort chair in the house…where Mini napped!
How could I not give her a name!

This moment-she is healing from ever being the maker of future Echo’s…one will be enough-thank you!
But-I love it!! Mini came back as a cat!

5 Responses to “PTSD and pal’s-THIS IS NOT A HAPPY STORY”

  1. shellia Says:

    they know your love and loyality Jay……they give back unconditionally

  2. enlightenedhorsemanship Says:

    I am enjoying your writing.

  3. jjvillanueva13 Says:

    i read all your story jay,i enjoy reading about your pets dogs …love it….

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