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The truth ends up finding its way out! The truth has always been,but many long years of not saying it has done a lot of damage.
Below (I hope-my computer skills lack skill) I hope the link will direct you to the article in the Washington Post (front page) 12/22/12.

In brief to introduce why this article is an interesting read is the numbers! The article states military academies report a 23% rise in sexual assaults. That is an incredible-eye opening number!
It also noted there was a descrepancy in the numbers as male victims tend to not come forward.

In the shadow of all that has happened this past week-I will say very little here.

It is important to make note that this article is about sexual assault in military academies and not military.
However, it is the goal to lead the cadets into military service, and many of these institutions are under the command of former military men .
They are also famous for thier school rivalry’s and codes of honor, many of the bonds made in these grand old institutions that generations followed grandfathers to are kept for life.
So, it is not surprising that something like sexual assault would go through the years so quietly!
I have tried to argue the point with another MST vet that it is impossible to have a society as large as the military’s combined and not have any kind of illegal activity of some kind-and that includes sexual trauma, and even murder!
Military bases are of sizes to match some larger towns-if not being the size of a city; Ft.Irwin, CA is miles of desert before reaching the base center. There one finds fast foods and convieniences compareable to any well established community.
So-it is easy to suspect that some percentage of the community has as it is in our civilian communities…as much as we would like to believe these places are crime free, it is not so.
Do not misunderstand me-I am not saying this is in a wild west sort of way, I am saying it is reason they have base police…it is like any other community-you got good guys and you got bad guys!

But-the bigger problem is the fraternal order in which the elite are protected and the weak are not.

My case with the entire situation of ‘military sexual trauma’ MST-has always been on the respect given to the MST survivor.
Here in my home area a rape victim is immediatly attached to a victims advocate who is assigned to aid the victim through the healing and legal insults of the future. Someone is provided to help the victim from the beginning.
The advocate could not prevent the crime-the rape-but can at least give a beginning passage towards healing right away….not shoveled off into obscurity under a carpet and cloud of having to keep everything quiet-or else.
That is the problem-the post care! The listening of a concerned official, the seeking of the culprit,the defense of the victim, the justice and judgement of the perp, the belief and support of the company commander, the conviction of the guilty, the health and welfare of the survivor….all of that is missing!
And then…civilian life!
And…the next system, the next unbelievers (the VA) the next non-healing process of seeking help and health care and justice!

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