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in a few more days…

February 18, 2013
068 by jayfherron
068, a photo by jayfherron on Flickr.

In a few more days it will be 43 years since the date of my HONORABLE DISCHARGE from the U.S.Navy.

It still to this day seems so surreal. It STILL to this day seems as if it were just the other day!
Everything from that period of my life seems as if time stood still-to torment.

The years have not changed what occured in my life, it still lives.
All of a sudden-here it is-my age will soon step on to another year; this year my 62nd birthday comes, in truth- I am still stuck at age 18!
But it is fact-age 18 is no longer in my appearance!

I have nothing exactly on a point here-to say! I do know the past year has shown obvious signs of my lacking to say anything…that is, here!
My final status of VA disability is-100% finished-and they signed off on me…I have no more connection with the VA hospitals, thank goodness that fear is over.
As a survivor, that will never be over, but you can be assured…my advocacy for veterans that know personally what MST has done to them-will never quit.

I do not have energy. Something is still stuck out on the sea’s with the travel I took over a year ago. My body and spirit are tired from sitting and stareing…now I know why the sea calls to men. I want to be there-forever!

I have NOT quit!
I am soon to participate in a ‘survivers art’ exhibit…and I intend to speak , though briefly-but to the point, of how sexual trauma destroys our lives!
I must admit, I am speaking also to raise awareness of ‘men’ being victims too, correction…males.
I do intend to do this!

I also am waiting acceptance into the advisory council I once sat on a few years ago…rape and sexual assualt-and there my advocacy and voice for veterans will continue.

I am wishing everyone PEACE!
Thank You

this woman IS a hero!

February 10, 2013
American flags by jayfherron
American flags, a photo by jayfherron on Flickr.

I hope this link will connect you…