more words are opening up!

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3 Responses to “more words are opening up!”

  1. Corina Says:

    It is about time! I am glad the military is finally looking at this issue!

  2. gunner2009 Says:

    Jay- Take a moment to reflect on how far this issue has come! I hate it for the victims but I’m thankful for the victims that this voice is so critical for.

    The past is past but the VA owes you in the form of monthly monetary compensation for PTSD for the trauma you suffered while serving your country at the very least! I really hope you are not living on SSI alone. If you are, why?

    • jayherron Says:

      Kimberly I am fully compensated by the VA at 100%…none of it helps in the mental health PTSD corridor, but-the power of taking the VA to task and having the response being FACT…in fact-this did happen.

      I am entering a newer realm with this matter of MST. Last night I spoke at a public forum on sexual abuse. The response was wonderful. peace

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