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March 21, 2014

I wish that I could post a copy of the photograph, and – I am glad that I can not; it is that offensive!

General Jeffry Sinclair shown with his attorney leaving the courthouse having a huge laugh as if it was just another day on the job….”let’s go get a beer, Jeff “!!

” nah….I’d rather go home and hug my wife and kids ” !!

It is almost comical from how sick it is! Everyone should be ashamed as I am sure that across the world many are disgusted!

Word is….the General was in tears during his sentencing.

Too much to try to believe, too much to know that it is true!
He is a rapist!


March 7, 2014

Today-actually-at this very moment while I am writing these words-a veteran aged old enough to be a Viet Nam era veteran…is also a MST veteran, and is being interogated at a Compensation and Pension hearing to defend…again…his truth and matter of fact that he experienced sexual trauma-and suffers post traumatic stress disorder-¬†while on active duty in service to our country!

Today the newspapers reported that Senator Gilllabrand’s Bill did not pass Congress; still-the military is in charge of the injustice of protecting rapists, and shoveling off the victims.¬† Still a veteran this moment sitting in a chair in a small brightly lit room with a non-believer that the fact MILITARY SEXUAL TRAUMA even exsists.

I have never known any where else where a victim of a crime as violent as rape must prove every other year that indeed they were a victim – and still suffer from the memory with the nightmares and social fears; I have never known any where else where the criminal is protected for the sake of a uniform, and the victim must endure a lifetime of shame and loss, and-if able to claim a disability from the VA must continue to endure more abuse by having to repeatedly defend that claim!


Pray for our brother; pray for all of the Silent Wounded!