Today-actually-at this very moment while I am writing these words-a veteran aged old enough to be a Viet Nam era veteran…is also a MST veteran, and is being interogated at a Compensation and Pension hearing to defend…again…his truth and matter of fact that he experienced sexual trauma-and suffers post traumatic stress disorder- while on active duty in service to our country!

Today the newspapers reported that Senator Gilllabrand’s Bill did not pass Congress; still-the military is in charge of the injustice of protecting rapists, and shoveling off the victims.  Still a veteran this moment sitting in a chair in a small brightly lit room with a non-believer that the fact MILITARY SEXUAL TRAUMA even exsists.

I have never known any where else where a victim of a crime as violent as rape must prove every other year that indeed they were a victim – and still suffer from the memory with the nightmares and social fears; I have never known any where else where the criminal is protected for the sake of a uniform, and the victim must endure a lifetime of shame and loss, and-if able to claim a disability from the VA must continue to endure more abuse by having to repeatedly defend that claim!


Pray for our brother; pray for all of the Silent Wounded!


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  1. MK Says:

    Our prayers are with you. Here’s what happened to someone I know:

    BELLFLOWER — A 13-year-old molestation victim pleaded with a judge Monday to give Kumon Math & Reading teacher who molested her “what he deserves.”

    “I’m not confident, I’m not comfortable socializing with anybody and it’s hard to trust people,” said the girl, whose name was withheld because she is a victim of a sex crime by her Kumon teacher. Her statement came at the sentencing of her molester, Frank Chung, a 63-year-old local man who molested her and allegedly two other girls at his Norwalk Kumon Math & Reading tutoring business.

    “I just want what he deserves,” the victim calmly but quietly told Bellflower Superior Court Judge Leland Tipton moments before Chung was sentenced to eight years in prison. The 13-year-old victim is one of three girls who told authorities they were attacked by Chung at the Kumon Tutoring Center, and she was the first victim to come forward, said Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Detective Rudy Acevedo. Chung was arrested Sept. 8, and charged with lewd acts with a minor based on the allegation he molested the 13-year-old on a number of occasions at the Kumon learning center.

    When news of his arrest broke, the other two victims came forward and additional counts were added to the charge, Acevedo said. Chung pleaded no contest to a single count related to the first victim in exchange for eight years behind bars. Upon his release, Chung will be placed on three years parole and the charge, considered a violent sexual offense, leaves a strike on Chung’s record, said Acevedo, who is assigned to the Special Victims Bureau. The defendant is the owner of the Kumon Learning Center and worked there for five years with children providing after-school Kumon Math & Reading tutoring, according to the criminal complaint. He worked in a similar capacity at Kumon learning centers in Northern California for the past 25 years, bringing him in contact with countless children, detectives said.

    • jayherron Says:

      ….it troubles me worse where children are victims. Thank you for sharing the articles, and wishing they said something other with some joy, not this sorrow.
      Brave child-a hero-to stand witness against her perp.

  2. Lester_Kasim Says:

    What floors me is how the parents are so concerned about the test scores and academic grades, and not concerned about their children. Forget the test scores, I’d be worried my child had been raped or sexually assaulted. How could these children at Kumon Math & Reading centers have endured being molested years? What happened?

    Parents need to understand that there really are weird people in the world and Kumon Math & Reading centers are no exception (some look like your mom’s best friend), and yes, they will molest and rape your kids. That will leave your children scarred for a lifetime. These Kumon franchisees and tutors are not just pedophiles but sociopaths and psychopaths. There’s probably some hormonal thing involved too…I’m sure.

    Parents need to understand what a pedophile sociopath is in order to protect their own kids. TOO MANY PARENTS ARE WAY TOO TRUSTING with their kids lives especially of the Cat-women who own and tutor at Kumon Math & Reading centers. They can’t imagine, that the Asian hags at Kumon Math & Reading (that act like their friends), woud molest and rape their kids. But they do. And that’s the reason it’s not a fluke that LOTS of kids were molested and victims of sex crimes at Kumon Math & Reading.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I have ptsd from mst. I was in the usaf . I was stationed at Chanute afb hospital il , from October, 1978 to March 1980.I was only there for about a month when the attack happened. 3 guys raped me. 2 held me down while the 3rd did the actual assault. I bled off and on for over a month. I never reported it. I was a medic and worked on a medical, surgical ward. The drug cabinet was easy to open without a key. As far as I know no one ever knew drugs were stolen from there. I became a junkie trying to block out the trama . I also drank large quantities of alcohol hoping to black out. I was disciplined several times for a variety of offenses. Eventually I was discharged for being a non organizational person in an organizational unit. A fancy phrase for a drunk. I tried to work after the af but usually short term as I struggled with alcohol. In July 1980 I was drunk went hitchhiking and was hit by a motorcycle at about 11 pm. I died 3 times. The people I was drinking with were all paramedics in af .they saved my life. By the time the rescue squad arrived they had all of the external bleeding stopped. I had severe internal damage. This didn’t stop me from drinking. I continued to try to survive and stay drunk. I had successfully buried the trama . Although I thought I was insane and I thought I would stumble through life till I drank myself to death. I had quit all hard drugs pretty much by this time. I ended up in Nebraska trying to work. I became a painter. That type of work allowed me to stay loaded. Eventually I couldn’t work for anyone. The demons became very powerful. I wasn’t getting much sleep. I don’t know how I survived all of this. About 4 years ago I started going to the VA. They screen everyone for depression and ptsd.for some reason I answered the questions honestly. The nurse said I have ptsd. The Dr asked more questions and I answered those honestly. I was referred to the mental health clinic. I refused to go. Another year went by, by this time I had become willing to try the mental health clinic. I tried for service connected benefits and was denied. I wouldn’t talk to the Dr. Since then I’ve received 100% service connected disability due to official diagnosis is major depression secondary to ptsd. It’s still a struggle but I won’t give up.

  4. jayherron Says:

    Thank you for writing and sharing your story; I am concluding that you are venting and saying your peace to express your pain to share and encourage more MST survivors to come forward and demand justice; and-healing.
    I am glad that the VA has declared you 100%; I am in poor health and find the VA is paying me for something l can get free at a VA hospital. I have ‘divorced’ myself from their ‘care?’ because I am afraid there. So now I use the disability to pay my medical needs outside of the VA…as I said-I am totally afraid in that place.

    This path we’ve been given is rocky and filled with wash-outs; I am glad you wrote and proud for you that you state ” It’s still a struggle but I won’t give up”….yes my fellow survivor, it is a huge struggle and I understand every bit of your story of drugs and drinking to black out the fear; thankfully I’ve grasped some sense of sobriety-but then again some monster pops out of life and triggers the emotions.
    I am never prepared.
    “….it’s still a struggle but I won’t give up”! Thank you for that encouraging statement! I feel the same way.
    It’s still a struggle-but I won’t give up.

    It is good to know these writings are still read.
    I found that after the years of writing the pain was too much to handle; my pain-and the pain that I heard from others.
    Nothing has changed; nothing.
    May I?
    It’s still a struggle-but I won’t give up.

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