January 21, 2017-or-what’s next?

I know I am not alone in saying we as a Nation are apprehensive about the coming four years; I want to write an ‘anti ‘ article about the individual that was sworn to defend out Constitution yesterday, our 45th President. Heck…there is enough ‘anti’ about the man that there is nothing more I could add to tip the canoe  (and dump the Trump), the National Mall facing the US Capital showed everyone that-yesterday….empty in comparison to previous inaugurations.

There is-one huge concern, and that is mixed in upon another huge concern, which has trails of other huge concerns-behind the first…..sexual assault, and persons with disabilities.

This is hard to wrap myself around. I am not a political person at all. I’d rather be away from everything where it is safer. It never goes that way, but….

A long time ago when the young John McCain (AZ Senator)came home from being freed from a Viet Nam POW camp-he the person-became a hero to me. It was not on the date he returned that hero thoughts entered my head, no-it was reading his experience in that misery of POW’s.

Now-this is not to reign praise over him because of his position. It is to express-reading of the torture and broken limbs and countless inhumane miseries added. I feel my stomach turn every time I reflect on his experience.

And then in his political campaign the man who is now our ‘president’ tells Americans he does not see John McCain as a anything except someone who was captured. His statement “I don’t like people who were captured” resonates in my head…for the sake all veterans.

I have many mixed feelings about this, but if this is how the POTUS feels about a true hero-one who was there in combat-one who survived his plane being shot out from under him-and the years of torture that followed; what does he think of veterans with PTSD…and to drop us further down the chain of command, PTSD due to the psychological damages of sexual trauma.

Sexual trauma.

I am sick of people who think that the ‘sexual’ in trauma means that the trauma is not so much of a big deal to worry about; it has been said to me…”it’s just sex”, and the supposed nurturing statement…”are you still on that subject-get over it”.

I have to express how PTSD can and does effect the life of all who are injured in this way; I have fright in ways many could laugh at-but I promise-the seizure of PTSD is horrific.

I have to express  how having another person and persons over take you with fists in the face and kicks to the body and forcing things unbelievable on you….it is not….sexual. It is assault! It is trauma! It is criminal…and not fun, as those who exist that mistake it for being a good time. It is not for jokes; nor-locker room banter. There is nothing fun or funny about sexual trauma-at all.1239

It was not-and still-is not a comfortable feeling that the POTUS has the impression that he being the high power celebrity has the right to sexually assault woman because of his position. His appointee to the Attorney General has commented that “grabbing a woman’s ….” privates is not sexual assault.

Am I making sense?

And – this morning – various newspapers have told us the White House has deleted the LGBT page from their website (their?….ours!!) and also scrubbed the ‘disabilities’ page; remembering the scene during the campaign where Trump mimics a disabled journalist?

This man will never understand PTSD. This man will never understand sexual trauma!

Of course….my political view? I doubt if this man understands any of us-nor does he care about anything else, especially who WE are!





11 Responses to “January 21, 2017-or-what’s next?”

  1. Elk Whistle Says:

    Thank you for this poignant comment as well as expressive insight that you share about your MST. The military would not even recognize my MST but they recognize my severe depression as being “organic” and not caused by MST/PTSD. Their reasoning was something to do with “not having two mental disabilities or one is more prevalent than the other”. How appropriate for them to say that my “severe depression and suicidal thoughts” come from a “genetic disorder” rather than from trauma caused by MST. Who knew? The fact that all these crazy medications that they have tried to give me for my depression, nightmares, sleep walking and eating food, insomnia, anxiety none have been effective and I am bloated now. I have gained weight even though I was exercising daily my food intake is off the charts, which is a side effect of depression not feeling motivated or wanting to do things or not wanting to live, etc. I think I want try Adderol this time if they will give it to me.I even tried “Medical Marijuana Strains” (“Durban strain” used for depression) on my own and it makes me feel stoned (after using no more than the 3 puff rule) so I don’t feel safe and it is not a good feeling. So, I will have to try another strain and or do 1 puff as I am not using it for recreational but for medicinal reasons. I wish that the VA would try some of these “Herbal Drugs” with less side effects to battle these diseases. The bottom line is that there is no cure for MST/PTSD/Depression and many other mental diseases. Having a new president sworn in yesterday, 1/20/17, who we know has no inclination of the real military outside of his elite aristocratic boarding (military) school upbringing briefly. The current military both Active Duty and Veterans is in for a hell of a ride with him and his administration. He will not support mental issues or POW’s it’s just not in his nature.

    • jayherron Says:

      My Friend Elk Whistle; earlier I sat and wrote a long reply to you-and dang if the weather blew in and my internet connection went fizz and everything I wrote went with.
      In essence I was trying to say-chemical pharmaceuticals are not good for anyone.
      I gather from your name a First Nation connection…and if I alone could travel back and learn the path of natural healing, I would go swiftly! And then-bring back messages of what the elders were teaching us,
      I had a severe heart attack 2 years ago and underwent seven hours of cranking my heart back to life.
      The cardiologist prescribed 12 medications; I made him select the two top meds with my promise to take…but not 12-only TWO.

      I was once trying Alprazolam to fly over to visit my son in Hawaii.
      To make it quick….the most normal thought was to jump up and overtake the airplane.
      Did I say-normal thought?

      I looked that shit up on the internet when I returned home….I am still in shock at what I read then.
      Bad medicine.

      Depression can be resolved by exercise…getting your blood flowing to all points in your body.
      Believe me-no major work out….just MOVE and walk briskly if you can.
      Put natural back into your blood flow,
      Do things to make yourself move around-and free yourself from the chemicals.

      I do-of course-support cannabis over anything; cannabis is directly related to the ficus-or fig- and the fig in paramount in the holy bible as a medicine.
      I firmly believe cannabis is meant to be eaten…not smoked.
      If you could get a source of the chocolate candy bars infused with cannabis….much-much-much better!
      The way the great holy spirit meant for us to intake marijuana!

      You…me…all of us are spirits.
      It is said that we have angels encamped around us; they are protectors, guides, teachers. We just need to open our hearts to hear and feel them there.
      I am NOT a religious person….but I can tell you-there is Truth in the Spirit of God; the non-church God.
      I doubt if anyone in church-knows this.

      Allow the support from prayer and hope to really work in your life each day.
      I do believe your life will improve…if you dumped the drugs they offer from the pharmacy.
      I hope for you-with you,Friend.

  2. Melanie Lewis Says:

    Thank you, Jay. Well said! I have been so upset I can barely speak.

  3. Debbie Smith Says:

    Hi Jay…what happen that I don’t hear from you anymore. Thought maybe you had died. Glad to know you didn’t. Debbie

  4. Swanmyst Says:

    Great writing as always Jay, and spot on. As a survivor of 4 years of rapes and beatinga while in the Navy, our Commander in Chief both triggers me and scares the shit out of me. He offends me in ways I have no words to express. I can only sputter indignantly. He has the same attitude as those fucks that felt they had a right it harass, assault and try to destroy myself and others I knew, and know. My dearest friend was also attacked multiple times. She is a broken she’ll and I keep trying to get her to get help for it. She said for the first time last night that she would. I gave her info for the Las Vegas Vet Center closest to her and I pray she goes.
    We have to hug tight to each other in this stormy sea.
    Big hugs friend!

    • jayherron Says:

      I thank you for your ‘big hug’ Myst; and I agree with you how much stress seems added since last Friday on the 20th of January; I just vented on my wordpress moments ago; the fact of it all has my gutt in a churn.
      Your dearest friend will help all of us as much as herself-if she does go forward.
      She will be in my prayers.

  5. mikee Says:

    Jay I very much appreciate your perspective on this, echoes very closely to mine, to anyone who has suffered sexual assault. it’s disturbing — even retraumatizing if we allow it to be

    but you know what? I’ve been through enough shit in my life that I am not going down now, to some brainless billionaire shit-twerp — and I don’t believe America will either.

    always great to read stuff from you my friend! be in touch..

    • jayherron Says:

      Ahhh; those who have never known will never know. I’m 65 years going on to add another in a few months-and even to this very morning my life is affected by the malady of what ptsd has done to me-my family-my sons and grandkids; it is such a huge boulder to tote-formed from the millions of grains of sand that are also the molecules of our lives ; what people did to us has done so much damage. Even-to this day. GLAD hearing from you MikeE

  6. mojavemike Says:

    I have mixed feelings about President Trump. As an MST survivor with PTSD I have come to accept my diagnosis, but part of me agrees with President Trump. Meaning maybe I should “Just get over it” but it has not been that easy for me. As the VA has taught me I practice radical acceptance every day.

  7. jayherron Says:

    No…you should never allow anyone to make you give away what is the past in your life; MST was not your fault, you stand up here proudly with us because we stepped forward to serve-proudly; others traumatized us. Please-don’t accept that conclusion. Peace

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