I think the info in this will help:


2 Responses to “I think the info in this will help:”

  1. Aaron Terry Says:

    The sad part is I couldn’t report MST when the LGBT community weren’t “fit for duty and being discharge for reporting this” back in 1980-1981. But the Office of Special Investigation/OSI did their “Witch Hunts” on us LGBT and investigated me twice for being Gay and they also talked about my MST assault (that happened twice) as being some type of “S&M/Sado Masochistic” (I guess one of the three attackers said something to the OSI since I didn’t comply with hooking up with one of his buddies TDY to our base but I tried to gie him a can of whoop a_ _) plus someone saw me at some local Gay Bar and the OSI wanted me to sign paperwork for a Dishonorable/Other than Honorable Discharge. Get real! I just need to know how I can get copies of their OSI Investigation on me?

  2. jayherron Says:

    I relate; when I was attacked-in the brig-the day of the attack I was called to an interview by a Navy intelligence officer-and thinking in my naïve 18 year old head-this guy is going to help me.
    Wrong-he laughed and instructed me to get used to it.
    That was December 31 1969.
    It was 35 plus years later before anyone ever heard my story; it was that long before the VA got involved….they angered and challenged me to fight for my rights.
    You too….have rights; and in the era you describe-the one plus you have here is that from the instant-you were entirely wronged!
    I understand your angst regarding; however-you can still take charge here; in one perspective-it does not matter your age, gender, lifestyle…NO ONE has the right to touch you, including beatings and rape.
    In fact-rape is a crime-of aggression….and literally-sex has nothing to do with; your sexual orientation does not either.

    I recommend you look into contacting Matt Hill; this man is an attorney-his key desire is to earn for you your rights!
    Trust me please-this is one fine man.
    He took my case….and I will be forever grateful for him.


    There is a place on their site where you can write your history-the part needed told the most-and request his advice; believe me-this IS a good man!
    You have rights-my friend! Still….you have rights-and do not let this go; FIGHT for those rights!
    I am not an employee…the only thing I am-is thankful for this man believing me-and helping me!
    I am anxious for further updates…and am here-to chat and do what I can.

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