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the anchor of Depression!

December 19, 2006


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… recent days have been subject to the effects of depression. If anyone of you who knows what this is like you will understand. I can’t seem to get up out of it-although the last few days have been better…I still feel like crap.
People don’t understand depression-they think its somene who is just sad and feeling low and folks…thats not it. It is painful-ones body reels from the pain-and being unable to stand up for any period of time…I have to fight to become motivated,and the past few days I have been off and on the fence of beating that battle-most of the time being battered back by this condition. My neck and arms and legs under the control of something I fight hard to keep control of-a monster of agoney who revives itself unexpectedly inside of my body and soul. Just let me hide under the covers in a darkened room.
I have yet to tell many things about my life-just when one might think I’ve told all there is to tell….nope,theres more. Just give me a chance to untie this anchor that binds me….