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sexual violence against MEN in the military

November 10, 2006

It is about time we all come to an understanding that RAPE and SEXUAL ASSAULT is a CRIME that has no gender perimeters…a CRIME that is not concerned with age. Socoety is not accepting that MEN are victims of rape and sexual assault-althought less likely to come forward to report it-never the less….men are victims too.

I am writing this particular few paragraphs because it angers me that everytime I search Google or Yahoo for ‘males sexually assaulted in the military’ or anything related to men being sexually violated…it always comes up with women in the response pages. Sorry-theres something very ‘sexist’ about that. I am a male rape survivor-and I am here to try to get attention of our issues…our post traumatic fears,the shame-the guilt…the stigma,and the filth of having had my body violated in such a violent way.

My rapes occoured during my service to America as a U.S.Navy seaman apprentice-I was 18. No one wanted to hear my story back 37 years ago when the rapes took place-when I reported them I was told to get used to it. All these years later someone in the VA system says I should seek compensation…I was met with bigoted ignorence then-the veterans advocate said “one would’nt think homosexuals would need to rape each other” ??? Is’nt that bigoted? and ignorant?

I am wanting to open up the ears of those who can make some changes for us-male victims and female victims…we served our country,they looked the other way.