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May 23, 2010


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I can’t say very much today…except that the confusion of HONOR in serving our country has me befuddled!

I grew up in the shadow of World War Two and the Korean War-and I am old enough to remember the veterans of World War One…my grandfather was a veteran of that!

We were brought up to know we needed to defend and protect-to honor our President and the Constitution of the United States….HONOR,which is key part of the serving under HONORABLE conditions!

The link:

The link will lead you to the confusion!

Our military has a shortfall of volunteers….somewere we lost the honor of serving-or the desire…or the care…what ever the excuse-and here we need to enlist convicted felons?

HONOR? Will they serve with honor? I do not understand…HONOR does not equate with FELON!

Read the article-a 43 page description of how the Army has had to take those from being convicts to those who should just step forward and serve this country!

It is a shame…we are fighting MST (military sexual trauma) and yet the battle is mixed and uncertain-we have mixed convicted felons that have sexually assaulted as the crime-yes,along with thieves and robbers-but sexual offenders? Is this what we want? And share with ‘HONOR’?

I am confused!