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the signs of the dimes and squawks of the hawks!!

May 8, 2010


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I had an experience-it could be called “powerful medicine”!

12 year ago I was to attend a hearing. I was nervous and anxious-very stressed because everything was a huddle of unknowns…the place where the hearing was to be held,for one-but the fact that I had no idea who my attorney was,only that he was from Washington DC!

I find the only real way to calm down inside is with prayer and meditation-I usually walk in the State Forest which borders my place to do that.

The day before the hearing I was doing just that! I walked around the section we call Bailey’s Mine and I was thinking of this attorney holding the key to the rest of my life (my Social Security hearing-when I had my stroke) and because he was from Washington DC my thoughts turned to my boy hood there-my grandparents,and spending summers there!

During those visits there was nothing to my grandmother giving us a hand full of dimes-back then the city still had street cars,it only cost a dime to ride!

While I was walking and praying out in the woods-praying about meeting a stranger and the way he connected through Washington DC-and me thinking of those dimes….there on the ground I found a shiny new dime! Not easy-I was in the middle of 2000 acres of wooded forest then. It was a sign-a sign that all I need to do is trust,the rest will follow.

I ‘ve always regarded that moment as special-everything did work out!

I also have this certain feeling about birds…the big birds-like ravens,to me,are spiritual. It almost never misses-if I am concerned or troubled…the raven-or a hawk will show up. These sightings are not usually in the woods…although many are-but in places of the most craziest locations for such a bird.

Sometimes I feel God is sending the bird-as if I am lost in some vast sea and the bird is sent to lead me to shore and safety. Absolutely no doubt in my mind-a sign!

Well-the trip to Washington DC is on me now!

I leave here later this afternoon to head to the airport. Everything is calmer now for me than was the other days. I was outside the other evening-cleaning out my suitcase…troubled to the bone about the travel…and while cleaning the variety of pockets in the suitcase-I FOUND A DIME!!

I looked at thing in awe! I held it up as if it was a shield of armour-held it straight towards the sky saying thank you-thank you-thank you and tears flowed down my cheeks….tears of JOY-because there above was a HAWK! Strength!

The message? Calm down old man….the trip to Washington DC is covered by the hands of One more powerful…and the signs in dimes kept flowing!

Yesterday I emailed the story about finding the dime to the friend-a therapist-who attended my VA hearing with me! My email went out an hour before daylight. She responded moments later…on picking up her things for work-she found a dime sitting on the seat of her chair! Late yesterday she emailed again! In the 5th grade elementary¬†school class she was visiting yesterday-the students were using the date on dimes to relate something about their birthdays….the shield keeps on covering!

Upon my finding the dime I found my fears lightened up-the power in what I had found overcame me-my tears flowed as I realized the significance of the DIME…the sign-the strength-saying this trip is all too important to allow myself to be afraid!

I am hand delivering 50 packets of statements from MILITARY SEXUAL TRAUMA survivors to Washington DC. My packets will go into the hands of Senators and Congress with my message that these are statements written by men and woman who wanted to serve their country-honorably and with dignity and instead were injured and abused in such a way the only return is shame and a feeling of dishonor!

There are TOO MANY Silent Wounded! This journey is in hope that a mission will be accomplished-and we will be heard and our silence will be gone and we will be impossible to ignore any longer!