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the survivors art exhibit

May 10, 2008

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This day will be a new kind of day for me.
Today is the day the art exhibit is ‘hung’…I guess you could say-I am going to a ‘hanging party’.
Actually-these may just be my words,they may have another name for it in the gallery world…but this is the day,and this time I am going to be a part of the group that does the hanging.

This day will be a first for me.
I have a long story to tell-you have only found a part of it here in these pages of past. I have only written basics….I’ve never set the real foundation of what happened to disrupt so much in my family as a boy and a teen and how I ended up not finishing high school – and entering the Navy.
I may have said a thing or two here or there-but never have written all of the things that happened in Tuckahoe (Richmond Va.) when I was 13-14 years old.
I once told Charlotte (my former therapist) and we talked about it a number of times-but I told her that it is hard enough for me to comprehend the things I’ve talked about to date…more less try to expect any other to believe it all happened as it happened. All of it-from Mr.Hoke to my brother Carl-and for this that I have left alone….and the Navy? All of my life has such a pattern of one wheel off the track,it is hard to explain.

All that said has to do with this-my participation in scholastic activities in junior and senior high school were nil. There was none-plain and simple.
It was a mistake I wish I could turn around-but…not what I wanted,it just was.

Three years ago when I learned about the survivors art exhibit-you could’nt believe what a genuine thrill it was to be standing in the lobby of the great building of the where the gallery is and seeing up to 500 people come through (at the opening reception) and see our art-and my art. I never did finish high school,getting my real high school experience through my sons…I was a band parent! You cannot imagine my feelings seeing my art hanging on the walls of a gallery in the center of the University of Florida campus.
Today I will experience something new.
I will be working with a group of others to carefully place the paintings of other survivors on the walls of this gallery. I am nervous and afraid of the beginning-but I know who most of whom will be there and that relieves me.

My life of working with others has been in a world far apart from this one. My life as trucker made sure I worked alone. I wanted it that way.Building scaffolds-that too was work where you were apart from the group. It is hard to entice others to climb 90 feet and higher on a pipe 2″ diameter,so it is a job you do alone.
The mortuary work speaks for itself.

The other part of this….being in a building like the J.Wayne Reitz Union-this place is huge. The minute the doors shut behind me and I hear that whomph sound of the pressure of the air as the doors close…I am afraid.
But I know the group of people I will be with-and these are gentle good people all of us are survivors. So I believe this will be a truly good experience.
It will be a new kind of day for me.