numb skull….

chicago-drawn by jay herron

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If it was up to me to decide-I would say the phrase ‘numb skull’ comes from the old ‘Three Stooges’ films…..especially when in came to Curley,the dumbest of the bunch. You hear it used every where! When I was trucking and a trucker was trying to back his truck up to the dock – but ran over a car in the parking lot instead…he was called a ‘numb skull’. The phrase covers all bases of stupid-ones see’s a wing walker way up in the air on an airplane…’hey,look at that ‘numb skull’,or some lady is driving down the road with her forgotten groceries on the roof of her car….’hey,look at that ‘numb skull’,or you just bump into someone by accident in a hallway while checking the incoming calls on your cell phone…and bump! …’look out you numb skull’ !! The numb skull that mows his lawn each weekend at 0700 and the numb skull that passes you on a two lane highway and then slows down to make a left turn…believe it or not-we all got a tad of ‘numb skull’ in us.
Although the title of stupid goes a long way with this phrase-the genius of the Three Stooges gave it a second meaning to be sure it covered being wacked on the head…it seemed the smarter two of the bunch had a need to wack Curley on the head-poke him in the eyes and do other slap style damage to the poor man-always saying what a ‘numb skull’…I guess meaning he was hard headed and could not feel the pain.
Now I don’t know how they did that-hit that poor man like that all the time,and him just going on like a bee buzzed by…was it fake and trickery or was he really a ‘numb skull’?
To tell you the truth-I feel like a real ‘numb skull’ and I can feel the impact.
People should’nt pat themselves on the back and say….”well,I’ve never been guilty of being a ‘numb skull’,no ones ever called me that”!
slow down…
We are ALL being ‘numb skulled’!
Larry Craig-the Senator from Idaho must be Moe!
(you know…Larry,Curley and Moe)
…and we are the ‘numb skulls’.

Why would a man with the intelligence we have been led to believe a senator should have-not know what he was being charged with in that mens room?
How come we are expected to believe that he did’nt understand the charges…so badly he had a few days to think about them before he mailed the sign citation admitting guilt?
Why is that?
Why would the guy make the statement he was going to resign…effective a few days ago-entirely missed because this man is trying to have his decision turned around-the guilty plea over turned.
I’m sorry if I’m being a ‘numb skull’ about this…but in my condition-the personal fears I have of public restrooms-this topic is not easy to over look. I have experienced other men peeping and and certain suggestion made to with one can understand what is being indicated in that suggestion,a very uncomfortable feeling. Perhaps I’m more perceptive of this because I was first assaulted in the ‘head’ in barracks D…the very stink of a restroom brings it all back-so when some one is out of the ordinary,I feel it in my bones.
But my point is this…if a non ‘numb skull’ was to be accussed of this(soliciting sex in a public mens room) they would be kicking and screaming for a judge,and not signing an admission to guilt-not for this….mens room solicitation!! and just to think it would go away….maybe?? But not with the job Larry Craig has.
Now he’s wishy washy about quitting the Senate-more a numb skull than ever….and he’s making numb skulls out of everyone in America.
What is fearful-is this man is a soreness-and yet he has been in one of the highest positions we entrust our politicians to…and he’s that big of a ‘numb skull’ ??
No wonder Curley made that funny noise! whoop whoop whoop whooop……eergggg eerrgggg

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