44 years ago-and today too


I am under clouds of depression awake this morning at 0230 as if some horrid ghost returned to wake me at this hour….close to the very precise time that I found my way into the ‘head’ in detention barracks D and attacked-beaten-and raped; it seems as if it was only a few hours ago.

I am sorry. This is still happening to others-every day.

I know that I keep trying to close the blog; problem is-the problem is. More and more the news is beginning to speak more of MST. To insult it all….still there are so many who make less of the crime “after all-it is just sex” I have heard “so what?” has been said as well.

Jeez….it is a sad state of things when people have become so insensitive about this crime.



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4 Responses to “44 years ago-and today too”

  1. Devri Says:

    I have been very thankful for your blog. I am also an MST survivor. He was never prosecuted and is still in the military.

    • jayherron Says:

      I am thankful my writing has helped you-and others; I began writing out of anger about this entire mess-and have been trying to stop also; just is-it is not so easy just walk away, and survivors such as yourself-commrnting and contacting me-make it difficult. I am totally active in helping other victims of rape; and other survivors of MST. I hope-for sure-you have been finding help, and-not at the VA. I am not a fan of the VA-ever! archerbeachrez@gmail.com peace

  2. Myst Says:

    I also very much appreciate you blog Jay. Don’t let anyone stop you from speaking YOUR Truth. It is not their, it’s yours. How we perceive things is our reality, no matter what anyone sees from the outside. I meant to come earlier but things have been busy for me. Now.. not sure if they will be more or less so. Anyways. please keep writing and saying your peace.
    p.s. And your still on my blogroll!

    • jayherron Says:

      It is encouragement from others like yourself that makes the decisions to stop writing difficult! I am hopeful for guest writers…this may be about my truth, but is also about OUR truth; the MST veterans-the silent wounded. I became beaten up when I was called a liar several months ago; I am not. I still am very active-a voice-for OUR cause and about the crimes that were inflicted on us! Peace Myst

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